Can I get the physical address of person calling a cellphone

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Can I get the physical address of person calling a cellphone

Post by JensenBreck » Mon Dec 11, 2017 1:16 pm

court ordered can not sell any property until terms agreed...but he sold the land the home is on ... cops can't arrest because can't find the guy ... but he keeps calling my sister's cell.. SINCE he has not complied with the court's orders... is there anyway we can get his location so the police can pick him up when he calls her everyday? Restraining order is an epic fail. Authorities don't seem to be trying very hard to find him and won't stop letting him pass "GO" (his poor pitiful facade is always in the mix). This man has always been the type of person that can get away with everything. The song "your lips are moving" doesn't even come close to his description. And it is truly baffling to me how one person can be reported AND proven to be wrong, but we still can't see the end of this dark tunnel with any amount of light. I can promise with all sincerity that we have no intentions to do any harm to this sorry excuse for a person, but to finally see the justice of him being put behind bars where he belongs would be the best gift ever .... any suggestions please?

Please help.

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