Flashlight: Zanflare F1 for 19.99USD

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Flashlight: Zanflare F1 for 19.99USD

Post by Simon » Sat Sep 23, 2017 6:19 am

Hello there! This is not a full review, however I will go through the flashlight briefly and its features.

The flashlight normally goes for 40USD, however now is available at half price. I bought this flashlight and I can say I do not regret my purchase.
Flashlights come mainly in two types: throwers and flooders. Flood means the light is widely spread out, and throw means the light is centered and can reach much further. The Zanflare F1 packs a whole 1240 lumens and is bit of a hybrid between flood and throw, which is perfect for an all around flashlight at home, your car, or whatever you may need it for. It of course has different brightness settings to save battery (or your eyes, because of the extreme power). When I tried it through my window I was able to light up an entire building across the street with ease. For the overall brightness and lumen output, it is very small and compact. It is also re-chargable via USB and waterproof IP-68.

Read more below. It can currently be obtained for 19.99USD at:
https://www.gearbest.com/led-flashlight ... ip=2787020

Thanks for reading!

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