Payment verification Denied without reason [Ticket: AT17083101400]

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Payment verification Denied without reason [Ticket: AT17083101400]

Postby Fleder-Maus » Fri Sep 01, 2017 9:50 am

Dear all, i really often buy things in china-online-shops like aliexpress and fasttech. I´m always using my VISA credit Card and never had any issues. Now i tried to place my first order at gearbest as a friend recommended the shop to me. As usually i arranged the payment and received a confirmation that it went through. When i was waiting for the dispatch notification i received an email from the Support Team regarding additional payment verification. Never had something like this before but i do understand it´s also for my own protection. So i immediately send them an answer with a collour scan of my credit Card (last four Digits, my Name and the validity date were visible, i also send a full collour scan of my ident Card, showing my address and everyting) Next morning they rejected my payment verification, closed the ticket, cancelled the order and started to refund) WTF !?!?

I have sent all requested documents and they reject my payment and ask me to pay with WesternUnion ?????? What´s wrong there ?

I hope that this was an error and started another try. After placing thew order i opened a ticket with the requested dcuments now beforehand :-) Hope this helps.

THX for any reply from gearbest in advance.

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