Customer reviews on a product that was never shipped, yet

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Customer reviews on a product that was never shipped, yet

Post by JP_PT » Sat Jul 09, 2016 5:32 am


May I ask you how can a product/item page have Customer Reviews if the product/item was not yet shipped to any customer? :?
As a matter of fact the manufacturer didn't released the product yet to re-sellers like GearBest.
Product on pre-sale: Vernee Apollo Lite 4G Phablet

Well... I do think I know the answer, and it is not an honest/fair perspective one. As GearBest gives extra GB Points to first reviewers and since as long as a pre-sales order is paid the user can technically do a review, despite the item being not shipped yet by GearBest and as so not received by the customer. Those users(first reviewers) are just using a glitch on your system to take advantage and be the first ones, even without having the product. Those are not honest customer reviews and might be quite misleading to potential customers reading them.

I think GearBest should block Customer Reviews until product/item is effectively shipped and customer hit "Delivered" on his/her account order page. This would prevent fake reviews.

Thanks and regards.

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Re: Customer reviews on a product that was never shipped, yet

Post by Maxi » Sat Jul 09, 2016 9:49 am

Hey LP,

love the feedback! Talked to the responsible person and they were completly unaware of this and we agree, that this should not happen at all. It is on our to-do list now and we will make sure, that someone implements hopefully soon. We will, as you suggested, make it unavailable to write reviews during presales, because it definitely is unfair towards other customers.

What we also need to think about is the shipping methods, because some people prefer Express over "Snailmail" and they have a disadvantage here. We should make sure that everyone gets a fair amount of time for this.
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